Giving Back

The corporate culture of Hovde Properties places a high value on giving back to the communities we serve, as well as those in need far away. We do that via employee volunteerism, donations to local charities, and international grant-making via the Hovde Foundation. Each year, several Hovde employees have the opportunity to participate in an international volunteer trip, with the costs covered by Hovde.

The ‘Casa del Buen Trato Hovde’ (the Hovde House of Good Treatment) in Huánuco, Perú opened in September 2010. This Hovde House serves children who are victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence. Perú has one of the highest rates of child abuse (and rape) in the world; Huánuco, a city of 250,000 people in a wider region of 800,000 is severely affected by this atrocity, often ‘explained’ by the prevalence of alcoholism, illiteracy,  corruption, and the lack of rule of law.

This past fall our team visited Casa del Buen Trato Hovde where we worked to improve the safe house.  Watch our video and learn more about our efforts in Perú…

Hovde Foundation – Peru 2015 from Firefly Imageworks on Vimeo.

Hovde Volunteers in Peru

CJ Wessel —  April 19, 2014

Huánuco, Peru was the destination for the last couple of years, where the Hovde Foundation has a shelter for 40+ girls who are recovering from sexual abuse. Hovde’s local partner organization pursues justice for the perpetrators via legal action and has seen great success.  Hovde employees have helped with painting, landscaping, and even building a new playground from locally sourced materials like bamboo and used tires. Continue Reading…