Established in 1998, the Eric D. Hovde and Steven D. Hovde Foundation supports two central missions – finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and helping children in desperate need. The foundation dedicates its resources to funding clinical MS research, building and financing “Hovde Houses” and providing domestic grants to U.S.-based non-profits.

Multiple Sclerosis is a debilitating disease that affects around 2.3 million people worldwide, with approximately 200 new cases identified weekly in the US alone. With a near 20-year history of supporting research and outreach programs, we will keep giving until a cure is found.

Hovde Houses are homes that provide shelter, supportive services, and love to vulnerable children. They offer a safe haven from injustice, neglect, malnutrition and other forms of abuse. With average capacity of 40-50 children, each house is operated by a carefully-selected local partner with professional experience providing appropriate cultural, physical, and psychological care for children in their community. Whether getting children off the streets (Guatemala), protecting girls while their sexual abusers are brought to justice (Peru), or rehabilitating boys rescued from slavery (Ghana), Hovde Houses holistically care for children in crisis situations.

The domestic grant program aims to address the needs of local children and families. Foundation funding is focused on a non-profit’s urgent needs, bridging key gaps to augment impact, and jump-starting programmatic objectives. We believe in giving back and support our community in the areas of housing, health, community development and youth development/education.

The Hovde Foundation builds hope and brings change by loving the world’s vulnerable children.